Getting to know yourself might seem more than a little boring.


After all, what else is there to learn?


You’ve spent every second of your life with yourself. There certainly can’t be any surprises, right?


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You’re not alone if you feel this way, but you’d be wrong.


You know a lot less about yourself than just about anyone else in your life knows about you.


We don’t see ourselves very well. We don’t really want to look. We’re afraid of what we’ll find. We avoid examining ourselves. We’d rather turn on the TV, find a snack, or watch videos online. Anything to avoid seeing the truth.


As unpleasant as the truth may be, it holds the secret to greater levels of success.


When you understand yourself, you can:


●       Gain control over yourself

●       Avoid your weaknesses and common pitfalls

●       Understand and deal with your negative habits

●       Have healthier relationships

●       Choose a life path that suits you

●       Find enthusiasm and happiness


We’re all suffering from a case of mistaken identity.


We’ve bought into the Western dream like it’s a one-size-fits-all solution. We have jobs we don’t like, but we can’t figure out what we’d rather do.


We repeat the same mistakes over and over, but don’t have a clue we’re doing it. On the off-chance we recognize our repeated mistakes, we don’t understand why we’re doing them or how to change it.