i-Life Services

Diets don't work - fact!

This program does because it truly adresses all the emotional aspects and allows you to enjoy food without guilt or fear.

Are you finally ready to get out of the food-focused, diet-driven downward spiral that keeps you stuck in your eat-repent-repeat cycle?

It only takes a few days for the nicotine to leave your body, so what you’re left with is a psychological craving.


Hypnosis addresses the craving while in a deep state of relaxation because induces a powerful mindset that’s why it has the highest success rate.

Join one of the free i-Life onnline training programs to discover how much happier and successful you can truly be when you master your mind.

With improved sleep and methods that give you tools to actively feel calmer daily - this program is truly the answer to banish feelings of despair.

Self Hypnosis

Every single client gets their own personal home self hypnosis recording to reinforce the effects of their sessions over the following weeks after consultations.

In addition access to the i-Life 4 week steps to mastering your mind for an ultimate feeling of calm.

We're always making our dental office as safe place as possible! That is taken into account via our numerous pain management options. Please call today and let us show you how health care.